I have done it again./
One year in every ten/
I manage it—

February 25—April 1, 2023

Katherine Bradford, Charles Burchfield, Mariel Capanna, James Castle, Vaginal Davis, William Edmondson, Joy Feasley, Michael Frimkess and Magdalena Suarez Frimkess, Frank Jones, Kinke Kooi, Jessica Jackson Hutchins, Jennifer Levonian, Rob Lyon, Dino Matt, Ryan McLaughlin, Marlon Mullen, Joan Nelson, Todd Norsten, Conny Purtill, Paul Swenbeck, Bill Traylor, Stefanie Victor, Bill Walton, Joseph Yoakum

Adams and Ollman is pleased to announce its 10th anniversary exhibition, I have done it again./One year in every ten/I manage it—— on view from February 25 to April 1, 2023. The exhibition will showcase works by contemporary and self-taught artists from across the gallery’s diverse program—as well as important influences—to offer a survey of its decade-long focus on fostering dialogues between diverse artistic practices and an expanded consideration of what art can be.

Over the past 10 years, Adams and Ollman has dedicated itself to creating a unique platform for artistic expression and experimentation. A unique and vital part of the artistic landscape of the Pacific Northwest, the gallery has presented the first West Coast solo exhibitions for 18 artists, brought global visibility to its represented artists, and facilitated important museum acquisitions worldwide. Founded in March 2013 by Amy Adams, the gallery also bears the name of her mentor, John Ollman of Fleisher/Ollman gallery (Philadelphia, PA), the celebrated maverick art dealer known for his advocacy of self-taught artists. This legacy has continued through Adams and Ollman which has built a reputation for its risk-taking and idiosyncratic program that creates dialog across time, place, medium, and intention.

A gallery is the sum of its artists, and this exhibition aims to reflect just that by placing important and often unexpected works by major self-taught artists (Joseph Yoakum, Bill Traylor, James Castle) side-by-side with more recent discoveries (Marlon Mullen, Rob Lyon); internationally-recognized artists (Katherine Bradford, Vaginal Davis, Jessica Jackson Hutchins) with emerging talent (Mariel Capanna, Stefanie Victor). This curatorial approach prioritizes the influence and exchange of ideas among a diverse group of artists regardless of medium, market, intention or categorization, offering viewers a uniquely prismatic point of view that has become fundamental to Adams and Ollman over the past decade.


Todd Norsten
oil on canvas
20h x 16w in
50.80h x 40.64w cm

Frank Jones
Creeping Lizard House, 1960
colored pencil on paper
22 1/2h x 24w in
57.15h x 60.96w cm
FJ 12

Conny Purtill
The Ground: Landscape, 2018
graphite and walnut ink on excised pages from “End Pages” by Nick Herman
8 3/4h x 7 1/16w in
22.23h x 17.94w cm

Paul Swenbeck
The Half-light Trap, 2023
soda fired stoneware
10h x 14w x 12d in
25.40h x 35.56w x 30.48d cm

Bill Traylor
Untitled (Man with Blue Pants and Cane), c. 1939–42
poster paint and pencil on found cardboard
11h x 8w in
27.94h x 20.32w cm
BT 138

Joy Feasley
Do not go gently, 2023
flashe on panel
18h x 23w in
45.72h x 58.42w cm
JF 68

Joan Nelson
Untitled, 2022
acrylic, shellac ink, glitter on wood panel
24h x 24w in
60.96h x 60.96w cm
JN 819

Vaginal Davis
Ornella Muti The Loves of Swann, 2019
Lydia E. Pinkham vegetable tonic and health compound, shellac, varnish remover, nail polish, nail varnish, eye shadow, lip stain, glycerin, cold-pressed coconut oil, nail gel, cocoa butter, ibero-gast, albas oil, hydrogen peroxide, perfume, hairspray on paper
8 1/4h x 5 3/4w in
20.95h x 14.61w cm

William Edmondson
Triple Doves, c. 1940
Tennessee limestone
9 1/2h x 18 1/4w x 8 1/4d in
24.13h x 46.35w x 20.95d cm
WE 59

Katherine Bradford
Man with a Towel, 2022
acrylic on canvas
72h x 60w in
182.88h x 152.40w cm

Jessica Jackson Hutchins
Lascaux Reprise, 2012 / 2018
armchair, glazed ceramic, leather cord, upholstery fabric
45h x 40w x 59d in
114.30h x 101.60w x 149.86d cm

Joseph Yoakum
Darling Range Near Perth Australia, 1960
colored pencil and ballpoint pen on paper
12h x 17 1/2w in
30.48h x 44.45w cm
JY 148

Rob Lyon
No Asymptote, 2022
oil on linen
49 1/4h x 41 5/16w in
125.09h x 104.93w cm

Paul Swenbeck
Night O’ertaken, 2023
soda fired stoneware
28h x 18w x 14d in
71.12h x 45.72w x 35.56d cm
PSW 355

Charles Ephraim Burchfield 
Dandelion Seeds, 1961-1965
conte crayon on paper
13 1/2h x 19 1/2w in
34.29h x 49.53w cm
CEB 30

Stefanie Victor
Sculptures for Margaret #18, 2014
copper with paint
3h x 3w x 0.25d in
7.62h x 7.62w x 0.64d cm

James Castle
Untitled (Abstract Figure in Crosshatch Patterns), n.d.
soot and saliva on found paper
4h x 6 7/8w in
10.16h x 17.46w cm
JCas 679

Kinke Kooi
Principle of Motion, 2015
acrylic, colored pencil on paper
24h x 18 1/8w in
60.96h x 46.04w cm

Jennifer Levonian
Cinnamon, Thunderstorm, 2021
TRT: 4:00 minutes
1 of 5
Music: Corey Marc Fogel

Marlon Mullen
Untitled, 2023
acrylic on canvas
40h x 48w in
101.60h x 121.92w cm

Michael Frimkess and Magdalena Suarez Frimkess
Untitled, 1989
glazed stoneware
24h x 9w x 9d in
60.96h x 22.86w x 22.86d cm

Ryan McLaughlin
Lampo, 2023
flashe on linen on panel
8 1/2h x 10 1/2w in
21.59h x 26.67w cm

Mariel Capanna
Oranges, Phone Cords, Candles, Lamp, 2023
oil, chalk and wax on panel
30h x 24w in
76.20h x 60.96w cm

Dino Matt
Fear Shucker, 2023
glazed stoneware
18h x 12w x 12d in
45.72h x 30.48w x 30.48d cm

Bill Walton
1/4 Turn, n.d.
wood, paint, gold leaf, steel nails
14 1/4h x 4 1/2w x 1 1/2d in
36.20h x 11.43w x 3.81d cm
BW 0916

Katherine Bradford
Marriage Proposal, 2022
acrylic on canvas
68h x 80w in
172.72h x 203.20w cm
KBrad 167

Mariel Capanna
Less Than, Lampshade, Thermos, Fruit, 2023 oil, chalk and wax on panel
30h x 24w in
76.20h x 60.96w cm

Installation Images