Ryan McLaughlin, New Works

September 12- October 31 2020

Engaged with the concepts of language and the construction of meaning, Ryan McLaughlin conflates subjective gestures with common signifiers in a new series of small-scale paintings, originally made for Liste. McLaughlin deploys an idiosyncratic cast of painterly techniques to build his compositions. Many present fragmented words and hieroglyphic shapes or pictograms against dusty, painterly fields in combinations that suggest allusive meanings. Others sample from realms of advertising and sport design as well as histories of landscape and still life painting. Relating to conventional signage systems that help us interpret and navigate our world, McLaughlin freely experiments with context and equivocation.

Ryan McLaughlin
Mais, 2020
oil on linen on panel
12h x 16 1/2w in
30.48h x 41.91w cm

Ryan McLaughlin
Untitled, 2016
oil on linen on board
11 3/4h x 8 3/4w in
29.85h x 22.23w cm

Ryan McLaughlin
Taiga, 2020
oil on linen on panel
11h x 15w in
27.94h x 38.10w cm

Ryan McLaughlin
Untitled, 2020
oil on wood
13 3/4h x 17 3/4w in
34.93h x 45.09w cm

Ryan McLaughlin
Untitled, 2020
oil and canvas on panel
13h x 16w in
33.02h x 40.64w cm

Installation Images